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I would like to build a climbing wall, but I'm not sure if the space is appropriate.

In general, the ideal bouldering wall height is at lease 3m.

Rope climbing walls, at least 6-15m are necessary.

I have found an ideal place for my bouldering or climbing wall. What do I do next?
Send us the layout plan, photos of your site or even drawn by hand, with all dimensions and with a short comment on the profile resolution. Then we will get back to you instantly to discuss the following steps.

Are you able to build a design that has already been created by someone else?
Sure, hand it over and we’ll let you know your possible production and construction price range.

My climbing wall has seen better days. Are you able to replace only some parts?

No problem. We can just replace the old boards or create a completely new profile.

How much does a custom climbing wall cost?

Climbing walls built by a professional wall manufacturer average MYR 250 to MYR 350 per square foot.  The price depends on many factors including the size of wall, wall type, design (including the height and complexity of design),  and the construction of your building, which impacts how the wall be attached and supported

How are climbing walls constructed?

Most climbing walls start with a custom steel (sometimes wood) superstructure to support the climbing walls. The structure is then covered with panels that become the climbing surface; these panels come in a variety of materials, colors and finishes. Each panel has a grid of t-nuts (threaded nuts) that allow you to bolt modular climbing holds to the wall.

What do you use for the construction?

For over hangings under 3m we use the combination of wooden and steel constructions and with over 3m overhangs we go for the steel option. It all depends on the statics, e.g. outdoor environment allows us to use all-steel, galvanised constructions.

Are there design standards for climbing walls?
Yes, the Climbing Wall Manufacture Association has published Design and Engineering Specifications for indoor climbing walls in UK standard

Our engineering codes of practice and standards of

B.S. 5950 "use of structural steel"

B.S.6399 Part 1: "Design Loading"

What types of climbing walls are available?
While there are many different materials and designs available, most fall into 2 main types: Panelized,  and Modular. please see our             for more information.

Panelized Wall /Wood Panels sections are built and pre-finished at the factory with textured paint or epoxy and assembled on-site.

Modular Standardized fiberglass, glass-fiber-reinforced-concrete (GRP/FRP) are pre-manufactured and assembled on-site in a modular fashion.

The climbing wall is ready. What’s next?

On your request we are able to find you a group of skilled internationally routesetters who will help you choose the right holds. 




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